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America's Top 250

This package is perfect for the household that the most variety of TV available. --and catching a good flick. America's Top 250 gives you everything America's Top 200 offers plus over 55 additional channels, including 15 movie channels. You'll also get favorites like Discovery Kids and History International as well as expanded news channels.
Channel Name Description
180 ABCF ABC Family (ABCF) ABC family features programming reflecting today\'s families, entertaining and connecting with adults through relevant stories about today\'s relationships.
167 AXS AXS TV (AXS) AXS TV is your LIVE source for anything and everything happening now in pop culture, music, fashion and more.The future of TV is AXS TV, providing you LIVE updates wherever unique happens.
215 ALJAM Al Jazeera America (ALJAM) Al Jazeera America delivers in-depth, award-winning journalism that gets you closer to the people at the heart of the news, both here and abroad.
4818 ALMA Alma Vision Hispanic Network (ALMA) Almavisión is a Christian television network that teaches family values with biblical principals through the five full ministries: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, and by establishing churches for the community and helping families in need.
219 ALIVE America Live (ALIVE) America\'s Auction Network
195 AHC American Heroes Channel (AHC) From high-tech hardware to the latest in aviation combat, space and technological breakthroughs, the Military Channel tells real stories of adventure, heroism and powerful turning points in history.
131 AMC American Movie Classics (AMC) AMC boasts a comprehensive library of the most entertaining movies of all time, as well as award-winning dramas and non-scripted programming.
262 ANGEL Angel One (ANGEL) More than 100 ministries representing the entire body of Christ. Music, worship, teaching, creation science, and mission outreach programs.
266 ANGL2 Angel Two (ANGL2) Special events from Sky Angel. Offers exercise, sports and financial talk shows; children\'s, family, and ministry programming.
184 APL Animal Planet (APL) Animal Planet is the only entertainment brand that captures the innate drama and compelling characters of the animal kingdom across a broad range of entertainment genres, from the natural world to domestic pets.
118 A&E Arts & Entertainment (A&E) A&E HD is television that you can\'t turn away from. A&E offers a diverse mix of high quality entertainment ranging from the network\'s original scripted series to signature non-fiction franchises.
135 BBCA BBC America (BBCA) From award-winning drama, mind-blowing mysteries and outrageous comedies to trend-setting makeovers and world-renowned news programs, BBC America pushes the boundaries to deliver high quality programming.
4369 BYUTV BYU Television (BYUTV) BYU Television is dedicated to programming that reflects the values and mission of Brigham Young University. Orchestral, choral and jazz performances originating directly from the BYU campus reflect those same values. We also feature the best of collegiate sports, including football, men\'s and women...
823 BABY1 Baby First (BABY1) BabyFirstTV is the nation\'s only TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, BabyFirstTV programming offers an inspiring journey filled with numbers, animals, colors, music and more. Plus, it\'s completely commercial-free!
124 BET Black Entertainment Television (BET) BET is the driving force behind the influence of the Black experience on pop culture and is the destination for African Americans and consumers of Black culture.Providing content through the African American lens, BET offers premier hip hop...
375 BBHME Blockbuster @ Home (BBHME)
102 BLOCK Blockbuster Studio (BLOCK)
102 BLOCK Blockbuster Studio (BLOCK) HD
203 BITV Bloomberg Television (BITV) A sophisticated 24-hour business and financial news channel, Bloomberg Television presents up-to-the-minute coverage of financial news and markets.
175 BOOM Boomerang (BOOM) Classic cartoons are back in style with a totally cool network filled only with classic cartoons - 85% of which can\'t be seen anywhere else.
129 BRAVO Bravo (BRAVO) Delivering breakout stars and ratings juggernauts, Bravo translates buzz into reality with innovative competition and docu-series that tap into the network’s "passion points" of Food, Fashion, Beauty, Design, Digital and Pop Culture. The ne...
210 CSPAN C-SPAN (CSPAN) C-SPAN offers unique news and information programming, including 24-hour coverage of important political events from Washington, D.C. and around the nation including live debate from the floor of the U.S. House.
211 CSPN2 C-SPAN2 (CSPN2) C-SPAN2 offers24-hour coverage of important political events from Washington, D.C. and around the nation including live debate from the U.S. Senate.
158 CBSSN CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) CBS Sports Network is a 24-hour channel, with more than 300 live games and 2,000 hours of original programming. The channel telecasts Jim Rome\'s show "Rome," live college football and basketball, Professional Bull Riding, NLL and MLL Lacros...
279 CCNEW CCTV News (CCNEW) CCTV-News, an English-language Chinese channel, offers the country the best window into China and its culture. CCTV-News\' programming includes news and cultural and entertainment programs.
884 CCTVE CCTV-E (CCTVE) CCTV-E broadcasts programs in Spanish including news, features, education and entertainment programs in a timely, narrative and culturally flavored way.
208 CNBC CNBC (CNBC) CNBC is the recognized global leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information.
200 CNN CNN (CNN) Every day, every night, everywhere, viewers depend on CNN - for its unparalleled coverage of breaking news and dynamic blend of debate and in-depth analysis.
176 TOON Cartoon Network (TOON) Cartoon Network is an outrageous environment that celebrates all kinds of youth-targeted entertainment, from original animation and reality series to the best in action-adventure and animé.
177 TOONW Cartoon Network - West (TOONW) Cartoon Network is an outrageous environment that celebrates all kinds of youth-targeted entertainment, from original animation and reality series to the best in action-adventure and animé.
199 CHILR Chiller (CHILR) Chiller dishes out non-stop, pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat entertainment 24/7/365: classic series, cult favorites, feature films, movie monsters, works of master creators and so much more.
267 CTN Christian Television Network (CTN) CTN is dedicated to bringing positive Christian programming with unique, wholesome values.
258 CHRCH Church Channel (CHRCH) The Church Channel, a digital network from TBN, reflects the diversity and popularity of Christian faith across America. Featuring programs from Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish leaders 24 hours a day, The Church Channel was create...
4563 ARTS Classic Arts Showcase (ARTS) Classic Arts Showcase is a 24-hour cable channel that plays contemporary, vintage and rare video and film clips of the arts.

Available at no additional cost to Dish customers. May require additional dish antenna to view this programming. Additional fees may apply.
107 CMDY Comedy Central (CMDY) COMEDY CENTRAL is comedy.In all its forms.Hands-down, the #1 provider of surprising, cutting-edge, laugh-out-loud programming from today’s hottest comic talent.
113 COOK Cooking (COOK) Cooking Channel is a network dedicated to viewers hungry for more food and cooking. Expert, engaging chefs explore cooking in every dimension – from trends to techniques – bringing international flavors to the table, offering tantalizing ne...
166 CMT Country Music Television (CMT) CMT is the #1 destination for contemporary country music.CMT\'s programming mix blends hit music franchises with family, adventure and comedy-oriented series that reach the heart of the country audience.
9645 DEAL DEAL (DEAL) The latest products in Fitness, Housewares, Health, Beauty and more, delivered to your door!
4384 DOD DOD News (DOD) The Pentagon Channel broadcasts military news and information for the 2.6 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
263 DYSTR Daystar (DYSTR) With an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming, Daystar is committed to providing quality television that will reach our viewers, refresh their lives, and renew their hearts.
194 AMERI Destination America (AMERI) Destination America is the leading multi-platform media destination for entertaining, original, insightful and inspiring content related to how humans interact and impact the planet.
182 DISC Discovery (DISC) Illustrating the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement, Discovery Channel creates content that ignites viewers curiosity, immerses them in the how and why and satisfies them with information.
969 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Acoustic Crossroads (CD 20) Contemporary Folk: The acoustic roots of American music from a contemporary perspective
965 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Ambrosia (CD 16) A celebration of the classic soft rock and pop sounds that defined the easy rock explosion of the \'70s and \'80s
977 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Aura (CD 28) New Age: Inspiration in the form of a rich and diverse mix featuring contemporary new age artists
980 DCD_Aura Dish CD - BYU Radio Network (CD 31) BYU Radio Network features a mix of instrumental and vocal inspirational music, as well as selected speeches, BYU General Conference talks, and programs with gospel themes.
957 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Backpages (CD 8) Adult Alternative: a diverse an intelligent mix of the latest generation of adult alternative music
956 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Cashmere (CD 7) Adult Contemporary: stylish pop, modern soul, jazzy vocals and Latin rhythms for an upscale sound.
963 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Concrete Beats (CD 14) Hip Hop: Fresh, hip and full of urban style, Concrete Beats is a blend of current and old-school hip-hop and R&B
951 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Country Gold (CD 2) Celebrating the true heritage years, when country music was the raw soundtrack for everyday Americans.
973 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Easy Instrumentals (CD 24) Classic Instrumentals: Orchestral renditions of the world\'s greatest melodies, a great mix of popular classics.
971 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Ensemble (CD 22) Classical: a consistent blend of a rich and lively mix of solo, chamber and small orchestral works.
960 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Feedback (CD 11) Alternative Rock: Cranked up to eleven, Feedback has the energy and innovation of today\'s alternative rock artists.
966 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Frequency (CD 17) Club/Dance: Underground with a definite dance edge, this is the music of the hip and fashionable downtown scene.
981 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Hawaiian Music (CD 32) Hawaiian: blend of the latest Island hits, songs from the past, and classic tropical instrumentals
968 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Impressions (CD 19) Contemporary Jazz: an intelligent and stylish blend of contemporary instrumentals and popular adult vocals.
972 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Intermezzo (CD 23) Light Classical: A comfortable mix of classical styles from all eras for a refined and professional experience.
967 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Jazz Traditions (CD 18) Classic Jazz: It\'s a classic blend of mellow harmonies & sophisticated rhythms from iconic pioneers of the genre.
953 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Jukebox Gold (CD 4) Rock & Roll Classics: A celebration of the finest jukebox selections of all time.
976 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Kid Tunes (CD 27) Chldren\'s Music: KidTunes is a mix of educational and entertaining music for kids of all ages.
979 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Kingston (CD 30) Reggae: covers the full spectrum of reggae, from Ska to Rock Steady to Dancehall and more.
978 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Lucille (CD 29) Blues: Lucille delivers all the emotional power and raw energy of the blues from across America.
964 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Martini Time (CD 15) A full menu of novel, retro cocktail music that\'s sure to satisfy everyone.
952 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Nashville USA (CD 3) Country Currents: includes the best in current country hits by established and emerging crossover artists.
962 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Nu Jazz (CD 13) Acid Jazz: featuring the acid jazz grooves that have redefined the genre for a new generation.
970 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Plaza (CD 21) Contemporary Instrumental: stylings from top musicians in the contemporary jazz, world, and new age fields.
959 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Rock Show (CD 10) Classic Rock: a broad mix of mellow acoustics, hard rock, and southern rock styles.
950 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Shine (CD 1) The best and brightest of today\'s current adult contemporary sounds.
954 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Songbook (CD 5) Singer/Songwriter: a celebration of 4 generations of great singer/songwriters, creating an intimate acoustic tapestry.
958 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Strobe (CD 9) Electro-Pop: A high-energy mix of up-front dance music and cutting-edge remixes of pop hits.
974 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Swing Kings (CD 25) Big Band: sounds of the 30s and 40s with all the composers, singers and performers of this great era in music.
961 DCD_Aura Dish CD - The Café (CD 12) The sounds of today\'s leading contemporary acts blend with classics from multpile genres.
975 DCD_Aura Dish CD - The Light (CD 26) Contemporary Christian: today\'s popular Christian music including songs in the pop and rock tradition.
955 DCD_Aura Dish CD - Unforgettable (CD 6) Adult Favorites: delivers style with pop and jazz vocal performances from the \'40s, \'50s, \'60s and beyond.
931 DishMusic Dish Music - 4 Decades of Music (AUD09) Classic Pop: High-energy pop, R&B and rock from classic and current popular artists.
933 DishMusic Dish Music - 50\'s & 60\'s Hits (AUD10) Unlock a treasure trove of memories with the era of the 45 rpm single and the birth of rock & roll. The memories are vivid, sweet and magical.
934 DishMusic Dish Music - 70\'s Hits (AUD11) Polyester, platforms and smiley faces are back in full force with this program of upbeat songs from the carefree 70\'s.
935 DishMusic Dish Music - 80\'s Hits (AUD12) 80\'s Hits is loaded with pop, new wave and MTV classics from the era when the CD replaced vinyl and video killed the radio star.
927 DishMusic Dish Music - City Lights (AUD05) Smooth Jazz: A smooth, contemporary mix of melodic instrumentals and modern jazz.
937 DishMusic Dish Music - Country Music One (AUD14) Country Mix: A broad mix of country hits from the past and present.
925 DishMusic Dish Music - Expressions (AUD03) Expressions features light pop vocals and instrumentals to bridge the gap between background and foreground music.
923 DishMusic Dish Music - Hitline (AUD01) Current Pop: Hitline is an upbeat modern mix of music that¿s on the top of the pop charts.
924 DishMusic Dish Music - Hot FM (AUD02) Pop: Hot FM blends hits from the \'80s and \'90s with a healthy dose of today\'s chart toppers.
944 DishMusic Dish Music - Little Italy (AUD17) Italian/American Standards: A sophisticated mix of Italian themes and pop standards by Italian and American vocalists.
926 DishMusic Dish Music - Love Songs (AUD04) Romantic Melodies: offers a generous and balanced mix of heartfelt ballads from the \'50s to today.
939 DishMusic Dish Music - Mo\' Soul (AUD16) Mo\'Soul is full of the Motown and Stax sounds and rhythms that really make you move - with style, emotion and good, good feeling.
928 DishMusic Dish Music - Moodscapes (AUD06) New Age: Moodscapes is a contemplative mix of soothing instrumentals for the mind, body and soul.
930 DishMusic Dish Music - Piano & Guitar (AUD08) Acoustic Instrumental: highlighting the most intelligent arrangements and songs by masters of piano and guitar.
946 DishMusic Dish Music - Roadhouse (AUD19) An energetic, American mix of country, blues, adult rock and classic rock that will resonate with any audience.
936 DishMusic Dish Music - The Beach (AUD13) Classic laid back beach sounds mix with Reggae, Country and World music to form an experience best suited with relaxation in mind.
938 DishMusic Dish Music - The Boulevard (AUD15) R&B: A sophisticated, adult-oriented mix of R&B vocals and neo-soul delivered by the most powerful voices in music.
929 DishMusic Dish Music - The Party Playlist (AUD07) Non-stop, high-energy party anthems blended together to keep spirits high and the party going.
945 DishMusic Dish Music - Tropical Breezes (AUD18) Light pop and tropical styles with a familiar, easygoing energy and feel. Ideal for taking you back to the islands.
101 D101 Dish Network FYI (D101) Dish informational programming provided for customers and retailers.
172 DISE Disney Channel (DISE) Disney Channel has something for everyone! Preschoolers play and learn with Playhouse Disney every morning.In the afternoons, Disney Channel offers original series and movies perfect for older kids and families.
173 DISW Disney Channel - West (DISW) Disney Channel has something for everyone! Preschoolers play and learn with Playhouse Disney every morning.In the afternoons, Disney Channel offers original series and movies perfect for older kids and families.
168 DISJR Disney Jr. (DISJR) A magical place for kids 2-7 featuring heartfelt classic and contemporary Disney storytelling, while incorporating learning and developmental themes.
174 DISXD Disney XD (DISXD) Get off the bench and into the game with Disney XD. LAND that new trick, GET to the next level, NEVER stop on the field. If you\'re a skater, a gamer or a multifaceted player, Disney XD is for YOU!
111 DIY Do It Yourself (DIY) DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY answers the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.
114 E! E! Entertainment Television (E!) E! inspires and entertains the Pop Culture fan in all of us. We never let you go a day, an hour, a minute without your Pop of Culture.
292 EPXDR EPIX Drive-In (EPXDR) EPIX Drive-In from EPIX proudly celebrates the “B” Movie, genre films, and edgier fare from our deep, if decidedly more dangerous, movie collection. Fun, exciting and rebellious, EPIX Drive-In is commercial-free premium movie watching that embodies the grittier side of cinema.
140 ESPN ESPN (ESPN) ESPN offers sports fans live major events and original studio programming with the authority that they trust and personalities that they love.
145 ESPNA ESPN Alternate (ESPNA) ESPN offers the widest and most diverse schedule of sports programming available. ESPN sports coverage includes Major League Baseball, Sunday Night Football and NCAA Basketball.
144 ESPN2 ESPN2 (ESPN2) ESPN2 offers sports fans a wider variety of major live events and studio programming with the authority that they trust and the personalities that they love.
146 ESP2A ESPN2 Alternate (ESP2A) ESPN2 is a differentiated 24-hour sports network that features more than 2,500 hours a year of original sports programming targeting young and light to moderate sports viewers, yet appeals to all sports fans. ESPN2\'s event programming inclu...
142 ESNWS ESPNEWS (ESNWS) ESPNEWS, featuring up-to-the-minute scores through a continuous BottomLine, is the definitive and only 24-hour sports news television network in America.
141 ESPNU ESPNU (ESPNU) ESPNU delivers live game action from 27 Division I Conferences including ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC, as well as enhanced coverage of 22 NCAA Championships.
341 ENCRW Encore - West (ENCRW) Encore provides your favorite movies you want to watch again and again.
343 EACTN Encore Action (EACTN) Encore Action provides explosive action movies 24/7.
345 EBLCK Encore Black (EBLCK) You used to have to search around when you were looking for a quality movie or series from the talented field of Black entertainers. Yeah, that’s over. This is the destination for great dramatic performances, comedy trailblazers and iconic directors and actors who define the very best. ENCORE Black....
346 ECLAS Encore Classic (ECLAS) You know those movies or series that make you stop and watch every time? Sure you do. They may have unforgettable scenes, great comedy routines or take you on an endless emotional ride that makes you say, “This one’s a classic.” We decided to take all of those and put them in one place. ENCORE Class...
347 EFAM Encore Family (EFAM) Encore Family is a truly safe destination and an always enjoyable choice of mainstream movie favorites.
344 ESUSP Encore Suspense (ESUSP) Encore Suspense takes you on a 24-hour rollercoaster ride of non-stop thrills, intrigue, and emotion every day.
342 EWSTN Encore Westerns (EWSTN) Encore Westerns provides a non-stop roundup of western movies.
4870 ENLC Enlace (ENLC) Enlace allows you to watch recognized lecturers and panelists while they share values, and lessons to help you reach integral success. Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Rock and Gospel, have a special place in Enlace, since we feature the best videos and concerts to inspire Children, youth and adults as we...
191 ESQNT Esquire Network (ESQNT) Esquire Network brings the iconic men’s brand to television with programming that explores and celebrates the interests, passions and aspirations of men today. Championing intelligence, wit and style, the network reflects a wide range of pu...
261 EWTN Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) EWTN is America\'s largest religious cable network. EWTN provides 24 hours of family-oriented, spiritual growth programming featuring top-notch talk shows, weekly series and exciting documentaries.
9642 FETV FETV (FETV) Celebrating faith, family, and freedom with family-friendly shows, inspirational ministry programs, classic movies, and patriotic films and specials.
206 FOXB FOX Business News (FOXB) Every news story has a business angle. Whether it\'s a natural disaster, domestic crisis, or an international event, FOX Business Network provides you with the business news behind the story and how it affects your life.
384 FXM FOX Movie Channel (FXM) Fox Movie Channel is the premiere movie destination with the biggest and best lineup of current blockbusters plus classic titles from the legendary library of 20th Century Fox and other studio greats.
205 FXNWS FOX News (FXNWS) FOX News Channel is the news network for the next generation of news viewers. We offer viewers what they want from the news today: more information presented in an objective format.
150 FOXS1 FOX Sports 1 (FOXS1) FOX Sports 1 is the national sports network that puts fans first.FOX Sports 1 will feature live coverage of the most compelling sporting events in the world.Plus, a unique ability to connect with fans through entertaining studio shows and a...
397 FOXS2 FOX Sports 2 (FOXS2) FOX Sports 2 is an extension of FOX Sports 1, the national sports network that puts fans first.FOX Sports 2 features live coverage of sporting events and connects with fans through entertaining studio shows and original programming.
136 FX FX (FX) FX is reinventing the programming landscape and amassing critical acclaim with original scripted series, and a growing roster of blockbuster movies and acquired hit series.
240 FXX FXX (FXX) FXX delivers edgy, authentic, irreverent, smart and subversive programming. FXX features iconic hits like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League plus a slate of block buster movies and other comedy favorites like Arrested Development.
119 FYI FYI (FYI) Bio is about real people and their real lives: up close and personal, gritty and provocative, always unfiltered. Bio original series uncover the real drama.
110 FOOD Food Network (FOOD) Food Network is a unique lifestyle network that strives to be way more than cooking, exploring new and different ways to approach food - through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel.
103 PREVW Free Preview Guide (PREVW)
4379 FSTV Free Speech TV (FSTV) Working for progressive social change
164 FUSE Fuse (FUSE) Fuse, the national television network dedicated exclusively to music, brings viewers closer to their favorite artists and bands by featuring original series and specials, exclusive interviews, live concerts and video blocks – all rooted in ...
244 FUSN Fusion (FUSN) Destination America is the leading multi-platform media destination for entertaining, original, insightful and inspiring content related to how humans interact and impact the planet.
273 GLVSN Galavision (GLVSN) A broad-based entertainment network appealing to every member of the U.S. Hispanic family. Programming includes top-rated novelas, news, comedy, music, movies and live sports including live Mexican soccer.
116 GSN Game Show Network (GSN) Game Show Network is the only TV network devoted exclusively to GAMES, and today our programming includes a broad array of genres, casino games, reality/game show hybrids, physical games, documentaries, as well as its ever popular game show...
229 GEMS Gems and Jewelry (GEMS) Gem Shopping Network-Live Shopping, Infomercial
401 GOLF Golf Channel (GOLF) The Golf Channel is the world\'s first 24-hour network devoted entirely to golf programming.
165 GAC Great American Country (GAC) Great American Country plays back-to-back country videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programming includes one-on-one country artist interviews, newly released and alternative country music videos.
121 H2 H2 (H2) Welcome to H2, where information is entertainment, experienced in unexpected and exciting ways. H2 offers a deeper perspective on history from all around the globe. It’s more to explore, more to know, more to understand—More 2 History.
843 HITN HITN (HITN) HITN is the first Hispanic Network of Public Television. HITN is dedicated to the issues of Hispanic immigrants and offers educational programming to better the Hispanic experience in the US.
185 HLMRK Hallmark Channel (HLMRK) Hallmark Channel delivers extraordinary original movies and award-winning entertainment you won’t find anywhere else, characterized by cinematic excellence and relevant stories.
187 HMC Hallmark Movie Channel (HMC) Hallmark Movie Channel delivers an entertaining, family-friendly movie experience with movies from a television legacy that includes top-rated movies and miniseries.
202 HLN Headline News Network (HLN) HLN updates viewers constantly, 24 hours each day, with complete and concise national newscasts throughout the day and a compelling slate of legal, entertainment and talk programs in primetime
120 HIST History (HIST) History is a 24-hour programming service devoted to fulfilling America\'s passion for history. The network features original and exclusive historical documentaries, movies, and mini-series.
222 HSN Home Shopping Network (HSN) HSN features programs geared to a variety of lifestyles and special interest categories. Great values and quality brand merchandise make HSN a unique and entertaining interactive shopping experience.
226 HSN2 Home Shopping Network 2 (HSN2) HSN 2 features programs geared to a variety of lifestyles and special interest categories. Great values and quality brand merchandise make HSN 2 a unique and entertaining interactive shopping experience.
112 HGTV Home and Garden Television (HGTV) HGTV presents some of America\'s best home builders, decorators, gardeners and craft experts as they provide practical information to help people make the most of their lives at home.
398 HRTV Horseracing Television (HRTV) HRTV, The Network for Horse Sports, is dedicated to equine sports including Thoroughbred horseracing from top U.S. and international racetrack, a wide range of world-class English and Western horse competitions, and a variety of equestrian ...
216 ION ION (ION) ION offers timeless, diverse entertainment with a mix of television series, classic TV favorites, movies, specials and sports the whole family can enjoy.
268 IMPCT Impact Network (IMPCT) Exceptional inspirational programming that positively impacts and empowers viewers’ spiritual, physical, financial and emotional needs.
230 ICTV In Country Television (ICTV) In Country Television
133 IFC Independent Film Channel (IFC) The Independent Film Channel is an American TV network that airs independent film and related programming.
259 INSP Inspiration Network (INSP) America’s fastest-growing network for faith, INSP is where America goes for inspiration! INSP features a diverse lineup with programs from more than 70 ministries and content for the entire family, including specials, original kids shows, and action sports and music programs for teens.
192 ID Investigation Discovery (ID) Investigation Discovery provides in-depth, compelling documentaries & series that challenge viewers to think about key issues that shape our culture and define our world.
227 JTV Jewelry Television (JTV) Jewelry Television specializes in offering a vast selection of jewelry and gemstones, live - 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week with a commitment to customer satisfaction.
264 KTV Kids and Teens Television (KTV) High-quality programming for youth, from toddlers to teens. Animated shows, talk, music videos, dramas, and educational, health and fitness programs.
183 TLC Learning Channel (TLC) TLC engages and entertains with insightful programming that transports viewers into the authentic and revealing lives of real-life extraordinary characters you can learn from....and always does it with heart.
108 LIFE Lifetime (LIFE) Lifetime keeps women entertained, informed and in touch with quality series, original world premiere movies and exciting original specials, as well as public outreach campaigns.
109 LMN Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) Lifetime Movie Network offers viewers an array of more than 200 movies and miniseries each month, including exclusive film and cable premieres.
4383 LINK Link Television (LINK) Link TV is linking Americans to the world, providing audiences with a global perspective on cultural, political and humanitarian issues, which impact every American\'s life.
274 LC Liquidation Channel (LC) Liquidation Channel is a 24/7 Shopping Network; Liquidationchannel.com has an extensive catalog, live tv streaming, and Rising Auctions starting at $1. LC offers exceptional quality, exquisite designs, & outstanding value, with a low-price ...
407 LHN Long Horn Network (LHN) Longhorn Network covers Texas sports like never before. With over 175 exclusive events a year and original studio shows, Longhorn fans can put their eyes upon Texas 24 hours a day. From preseason to bowl season, field level to the locker ro...
152 MLBN MLB Network (MLBN) A 24-hour network dedicated to all of baseball, all the time.MLB Network brings fans closer to the game than ever before with unprecedented access to players and teams.Year-round coverage includes live games, highlights and all the latest n...
478 MLBNA MLB Network Alternate (MLBNA) A 24-hour network dedicated to all of baseball, all the time.MLB Network brings fans closer to the game than ever before with unprecedented access to players and teams.Year-round coverage includes live games, highlights and all the latest n...
MLBNAHD MLB Network Alternate (MLBNA) HD A 24-hour network dedicated to all of baseball, all the time.MLB Network brings fans closer to the game than ever before with unprecedented access to players and teams.Year-round coverage includes live games, highlights and all the latest n...
209 MSNBC MSNBC (MSNBC) MSNBC is a revolutionary 24-hour news, talk and information network and Internet service from NBC and Microsoft.
838 MUN2 MUN2 (MUN2) mun2 is the leading media brand for young, U.S. Latinos. We deliver authentic lifestyle entertainment that is original and confident. We proudly fuse cultures with a dynamic mix of reality and scripted series, music programming, sporting ev...
123 MALL Mercury Television (MALL) Provides the most popular products in fitness, health and beauty, entertainment, house wares and business opportunities.
329 TMC-W Movie Channel - West (TMC-W) The Movie Channel™ features theatricals, cult classics and indie films. Plus, The Movie Channel is filled with film facts, movie trivia, celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes extras.
330 TMCXW Movie Channel Xtra - West (TMCXW) The Movie Channel Xtra gives movie lovers even more chances to catch the movies and movie extras they love. This channel is counter-programmed with TMC.
377 MPLEX MoviePlex (MPLEX) MoviePlex provides movies featuring your favorite themes from your favorite times.
160 MTV Music Television (MTV) America\'s premiere music video and entertainment network for young adults featuring programs on news, sports, fashion, entertainment, animation, comedy and concert specials.
161 MTV2 Music Television 2 (MTV2) A 24-hour music video channel, MTV2 is custom-built for music enthusiasts, blending a diverse mix of music with the power of interactive technology.
470 NBA NBA League Pass (NBA) NBA LEAGUE PASS takes you courtside every week with up to 40 live games from around the league. Follow your favorite team, player or match-up from outside your local viewing area. NBA LEAGUE PASS is your ticket to the most NBA action.
561 NBA NBA League Pass (NBA) HD NBA LEAGUE PASS takes you courtside every week with up to 40 live games from around the league. Follow your favorite team, player or match-up from outside your local viewing area. NBA LEAGUE PASS is your ticket to the most NBA action.
156 NBATV NBA TV (NBATV) NBA TV is the ultimate source for all things basketball, featuring live NBA games every week, including playoffs, original programming, live telecasts, highlights and news.
159 NBCSP NBC Sports Network (NBCSP) NBC Sports Network is the center of competition, providing coverage of the NHL, America\'s Cup, Field Sports, Professional Bull Riders (PBR), The Tour de France, Mountain West Conference College Football and more.
154 NFL NFL Network (NFL) The NFL Network is the television network dedicated solely to the NFL. It is a destination for all that happens around the league, on and off the field - during the season and throughout the off-season
475 NHL NHL Center Ice Follow your favorite teams and players all season long. With up to 40 out-of-market games a week, keeping up with all the action from around the NHL® has never been easier. Don’t miss your chance to make every game a home game.
574 NHL NHL Center Ice (NHLHD) HD Follow your favorite teams and players all season long. With up to 40 out-of-market games a week, keeping up with all the action from around the NHL® has never been easier. Don’t miss your chance to make every game a home game.
157 NHLN NHL Network (NHLN) NHL Network is the only network 100% dedicated to total hockey coverage via live games, nightly highlights shows, up-to-the-minute hockey news, and exclusive programming and special events.
190 NATGW Nat Geo Wild (NATGW) National Geographic WILD is the only network completely dedicated to nature and wildlife offering viewers intimate encounters with nature’s ferocious fighters and gentle creatures of land, sea and air.
186 NTGEO National Geographic Channel (NTGEO) The National Geographic Channel brings adventure, exploration, world culture, and natural science to life through passionate storytelling, spectacular imagery, and expert eyewitness accounts. 
169 NKJR Nick Jr. (NKJR) NICK JR. is the commercial-free, educational network for preschoolers dedicated to helping 2-5 year olds learn and grow to meet the challenges of their world.
178 NICKT Nick Toons (NICKT) Nicktoons Network features a wide spectrum of programming including current hits like SpongeBob SquarePants, classics such as Ren & Stimpy and originals like Kappa Mikey.
170 NICK Nickelodeon / Nick At Nite (NICK) Nickelodeon ofrece de todo, desde acción en vivo hasta comedias y animaciones. Por las tardes, la cadena transmite diversión para la familia al pasar a Nick at Nite y ofrece los programas más queridos y probadamente exitosos.
171 NICKW Nickelodeon / Nick At Nite - West (NICKW) Nickelodeon offers everything from live action to comedies to animation. In the evening, the network delivers family fun as it switches into Nick at Nite, featuring the best loved and time-tested shows. 
149 NOTAX No Tax (NOTAX) No Tax (NOTAX)
189 OWN Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) The new Oprah Winfrey Network has shows designed to entertain, inform, and inspire people to live their best lives.Programming includes weekly daytime and primetime series, specials, movies, and original documentaties.
396 OTDCH Outdoor Channel (OTDCH) Outdoor Channel is America\'s Leader in Outdoor TV, featuring best-in-class traditional hunting, fishing and shooting sports programming that entertains, educates and inspires outdoor enthusiasts.
245 OVATN Ovation (OVATN) The only network focused on art and personal creativity, Ovation TV showcases the best of performance, people, art, music and film.
127 OXYGN Oxygen (OXYGN) Oxygen is a multiplatform lifestyle brand that delivers relevant and entertaining content to young women, wherever they are.
393 PRST PRST (PRST) Created for the outdoors by outdoorsmen, with programming that covers fishing, hunting, archery, camping and other outdoor activities. With news, competition coverage and family-friendly programming that offers exciting adventures and fascinating explorations.
197 PIVOT Pivot (PIVOT) pivot focuses on entertainment that sparks conversation and inspires change, serving passionate Millennials the type of socially relevant programming they crave through a diverse slate of talent and a mix of original and acquired series, fi...
256 PRAYR Prayer (PRAYR) PRAYER is a new religious channel featuring Shepherd’s Chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray. Pastor Murray has been broadcasting his daily scripture readings part-time on DISH and will now be expanding his coverage to 24 hours a day, Monday thr...
137 QVC QVC (QVC) QVC is a home shopping network featuring name brand products at super savings. Fashion, fitness, electronics, home furnishings, tools, jewelry and gift merchandise are highlighted.
231 RFDTV RFD-TV (RFDTV) RFD-TV is dedicated to serving rural America with a 24-hour schedule of Rural News, agricultural features, horse training, and informational programming.
299 REELZ Reelz (REELZ) ReelzChannel is the network for movie fans. We bring viewers the latest movie news and info, interviews with Hollywood\'s biggest names, and behind-the-scenes footage.
9643 ROCKS Rocks TV (ROCKS) live shopping jewelry channel that highlights jewelry auctions, style news and gemstone information.
232 RURAL Rural TV (RURAL) RURAL TV is an agribusiness and rural lifestyle channel dedicated to educating and entertaining communities around the globe.Launched on February 15, 2012 by the creators of RFD-TV, RURAL TV features primetime news broadcasts focused on agr...
280 RT Russia Today (RT) RT News Channel broadcasts from its studios in Moscow and Washington, DC. Tune in to watch news reports, features and talk shows with a totally different perspective. We report on the other side of the story, not making any conclusions, but raising the unanswered questions.
225 SALE Sale (SALE) Sale brings you Bargin left and right on some of your favorite Collectables!
104 IDEA Satellite Response Interactive (IDEA) Satellite Response Interactive brings you the latest products in fitness, house wares, health and beauty, business opportunities and more!  Convenient shopping via 800 numbers and websites affords the ability to shop at leisure and obtain g...
193 SCI Science (SCI) Devoted to the wonders of science, The Science Channel explores life\'s greatest mysteries and smallest wonders.
6033 SXM33 SiriusXM - 1st Wave (SXM33) Classic alternative from the \'80s era.
6094 SXM94 SiriusXM - Aguila (SXM94) Norteño, Banda, Ranchera, Duranguense, Mariachi…all the sounds of traditional Mexican music.
6036 SXM36 SiriusXM - Alt Nation (SXM36) The latest alternative rock releases.
6070 SXM70 SiriusXM - BB King\'s Bluesville (SXM70) B.B. King\'s channel for authentic blues from the past to the present.
6051 SXM51 SiriusXM - BPM (SXM51) Today\'s biggest dance hits and remixes
6046 SXM46 SiriusXM - Backspin (SXM46) The pioneers of old-skool rap and hip-hop.
6061 SXM61 SiriusXM - Bluegrass Junction (SXM61) Handmade, heartfelt bluegrass music.
6038 SXM38 SiriusXM - Boneyard (SXM38) Classic hard rock and heavy metal under the influence of Ozzy Osbourne.
6090 SXM90 SiriusXM - Caliente (SXM90) A red-hot mix of the biggest hits of tropical, salsa, merengue and reggaeton.
6096 SXM96 SiriusXM - Caricia (SXM96) Relive the classics from unforgettable artists in Spanish and English.
6053 SXM53 SiriusXM - Chill (SXM53) Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.
6025 SXM25 SiriusXM - Classic Rewind (SXM25) Classic rock\'s second generation, with songs from the late \'70s onward.
6026 SXM26 SiriusXM - Classic Vinyl (SXM26) Top classic rock tracks from the \'60s and \'70s.
6031 SXM31 SiriusXM - Coffee House (SXM31) Singer-songwriters and rare acoustic versions of songs.
6027 SXM27 SiriusXM - Deep Tracks (SXM27) Deeper cuts from classic rock legends.
6020 SXM20 SiriusXM - E Street Radio (SXM20) Concert recordings and more from Bruce Springsteen 24/7.
6052 SXM52 SiriusXM - Electric Area (SXM52) Progressive house, trance & electro, along with the biggest DJs in the world!
6019 SXM19 SiriusXM - Elvis Radio (SXM19) From the early years to his comeback, it\'s all music from Elvis Presley.
6069 SXM69 SiriusXM - Escape (SXM69) Easy instrumentals and vocals of popular melodies from the last 60 years.
6041 SXM41 SiriusXM - Faction (SXM41) Rock, punk, hip-hop and more - it\'s the music of action sports.
6093 SXM93 SiriusXM - Flow Nación (SXM93) The hottest sounds in Latin Hip Hop , Reggaeton and more!
6039 SXM39 SiriusXM - Hair Nation (SXM39) Vintage rock from the big hair \'80s.
6048 SXM48 SiriusXM - Heart and Soul (SXM48) R&B from today and back in the day.
6044 SXM44 SiriusXM - Hip-Hop Nation (SXM44) Straight Hip-Hop hits 24/7 from around the nation!
6002 SXM02 SiriusXM - Hits 1 (SXM02) From pop to hip-hop and rock to R&B; SiriusXM Hits 1 is the sound of Generation NOW!
6029 SXM29 SiriusXM - Jam On (SXM29) Improvisational, eclectic rock music from today\'s jam bands.
6099 SXM99 SiriusXM - La Kueva (SXM99) The Latin Rock classics you know and love with today\'s upcoming artists.
6092 SXM92 SiriusXM - La Mezcla (SXM92) Blending the biggest hits of today, in Spanish and English.
6095 SXM95 SiriusXM - Latidos (SXM95) Romantic love songs from the \'90s to today.
6040 SXM40 SiriusXM - Liquid Metal (SXM40) The heaviest metal on or off the planet.
6034 SXM34 SiriusXM - Lithium (SXM34) Grunge rock and \'90s alternative.
6017 SXM17 SiriusXM - Love (SXM17) Romantic ballads and soft pop music featuring lyrics of love.
6097 SXM97 SiriusXM - Luna (SXM97) Latin percussion and Afro Cuban rhythms blended with Jazz for a fun filled musical journey.
6074 SXM74 SiriusXM - Met Opera Radio (SXM74) Thrilling live performances from the Met, plus gems from the archives - commercial-free, around the clock.
6037 SXM37 SiriusXM - Octane (SXM37) Pure, high-powered hard rock that\'s loud, uncensored and in your face.
6072 SXM72 SiriusXM - On Broadway (SXM72) Show tunes from Broadway\'s past and present.
6060 SXM60 SiriusXM - Outlaw Country (SXM60) Renegades, rebels, rabble rousers and rogues.
6022 SXM22 SiriusXM - Pearl Jam Radio (SXM22) Music spanning Pearl Jam\'s career. Studio tracks, B-sides and concert recordings from Pearl Jam. For full SiriusXM lineup, visit dish.com/lineup.
6075 SXM75 SiriusXM - Pops (SXM75) Popular classical music favorites.
6064 SXM64 SiriusXM - Praise (SXM64) The uplifting sounds of today\'s gospel superstars.
6058 SXM58 SiriusXM - Prime Country (SXM58) Country music from the late \'80s, \'90s and early 2000s.
6024 SXM24 SiriusXM - Radio Margaritaville (SXM24) Escape to Jimmy Buffett\'s Radio Margaritaville.
6067 SXM67 SiriusXM - Real Jazz (SXM67) The classic sounds and styles of jazz masters, past and present.
6098 SXM98 SiriusXM - Rumbón (SXM98) Classic Salsa from the legendary artists and bands of yesterday.
6045 SXM45 SiriusXM - Shade 45 (SXM45) Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem.
6071 SXM71 SiriusXM - Siriusly Sinatra (SXM71) Music from Frank Sinatra and the greatest singers of all time.
6049 SXM49 SiriusXM - Soul Town (SXM49) Classic soul and Motown music from the \'60s and \'70s.
6068 SXM68 SiriusXM - Spa (SXM68) Relaxing and soothing sounds of new age and ambient music from around the world.
6028 SXM28 SiriusXM - Spectrum (SXM28) Spanning the past, present and future with adult album rock artists.
6054 SXM54 SiriusXM - Studio 54 Radio (SXM54) The ultimate classic dance channel, featuring music that defined an era.
6076 SXM76 SiriusXM - Symphony Hall (SXM76) Classical music by top orchestras, chamber music ensembles and instrumental soloists
6016 SXM16 SiriusXM - The Blend (SXM16) A bright blend of pop music.
6032 SXM32 SiriusXM - The Bridge (SXM32) Mellow classic rock and \'70s folk rock.
6023 SXM23 SiriusXM - The Grateful Dead (SXM23) Live performances and more from the Grateful Dead 24/7.
6047 SXM47 SiriusXM - The Heat (SXM47) Today\'s hottest R&B hits!
6059 SXM59 SiriusXM - The Highway (SXM59) The road to New Country direct from Nashville.
6042 SXM42 SiriusXM - The Joint (SXM42) Reggae music from its roots to today.
6030 SXM30 SiriusXM - The Loft (SXM30) Adventurous music for grown-ups, from a diversity of styles and eras
6063 SXM63 SiriusXM - The Message (SXM63) The power and positive impact of Christian pop and rock music.
6015 SXM15 SiriusXM - The Pulse (SXM15) Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.
6003 SXM03 SiriusXM - Top 20 on 20 (SXM03) Discover the newest Pop sounds before they have the chance to become hits.
6021 SXM21 SiriusXM - Underground Garage (SXM21) The coolest rock \'n\' roll records. Channel produced by Little Steven.
6091 SXM91 SiriusXM - Viva (SXM91) The brightest Latin stars in contemporary Pop, Alternative and Ballads. "¡Pop, Rock y Mas!"
6066 SXM66 SiriusXM - Watercolors (SXM66) Smooth and cool - a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.
6056 SXM56 SiriusXM - Willie\'s Roadhouse (SXM56) Classic Country from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s
6035 SXM35 SiriusXM - XMU (SXM35) North America\'s indie rock station.
6004 SXM04 SiriusXM - \'40s on 4 (SXM04) The Savoy Express with Big Bands, classic vocal stars and hits from the \'40s and beyond!
6005 SXM05 SiriusXM - \'50s on 5 (SXM05) The roots of rock \'n\' roll.
6006 SXM06 SiriusXM - \'60s on 6 (SXM06) Relive the musical revolution of the \'60s.
6007 SXM07 SiriusXM - \'70s on 7 (SXM07) The most popular music from the \'70s.
6008 SXM08 SiriusXM - \'80s on 8 (SXM08) The defining hit music of the \'80s. Hosted by the original MTV VJs.
6009 SXM09 SiriusXM - \'90s on 9 (SXM09) From the emergence of grunge music to the resurgence of pop music.
6065 SXM65 SiriusXM - enLighten (SXM65) North America\'s southern gospel music station.
257 SBN Sonlife Broadcasting Network (SBN) SBN SonLife Broadcasting Network, an outreach of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, is a Christian multi-media network. This network offers a variety of live and prerecorded programs, specializing in music and teaching, that appeal to audiences of ...
241 SPIKE Spike Television (SPIKE) Spike knows what guys like, speaking to the bold, adventuresome side of men with action-packed entertainment, including a mix of comedy, blockbuster movies, sports, innovative originals and live events.
395 SPMAN Sportsman Channel (SPMAN) Sportsman Channel caters exclusively to those who make hunting, shooting and fishing a part of their lifestyle, delivering the best in destination, how-to, and entertainment programming to the American Sportsman.
358 SUND SundanceTV (SUND) From Robert Redford, founder of the Sundance Film Festival, comes Sundance Channel. You\'ll see award-winning feature films, shorts, documentaries and international cinema, all uncut and commercial free.
122 SYFY Syfy Channel (SYFY) Syfy is a television network where "what if" is what\'s on. Syfy fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming.
399 TVGAM TV Games Network (TVGAM) TV Games is the interactive horseracing network that combines live, televised coverage from over 45 of America\'s greatest tracks with the convenience of wagering from home - either online or by phone!
117 TVGN TV Guide Network (TVGN) TV Guide Network is the true entertainment insider and the only network that celebrates Hollywood, its stars and the shows that fans adore.
106 TVLND TV Land (TVLND) TV Land showcases the best in original programming, acquired classic shows and hit movies from the 1950s through the 1980s.
181 TNCK TeenNick (TNCK) TeenNick is Nickelodeon\'s 24-hour TV network exclusively for and about teens. The network speaks to teens with an authentic point of view and celebrates what\'s powerful and unique about being a teen.
400 TENIS Tennis Channel (TENIS) The Tennis Channel is the only 24-hour network dedicated to tennis and the healthy, active lifestyle that surrounds it.
179 HUB The Hub Network (HUB) A Discovery Communications and Hasbro joint venture, The Hub is a playful, transformative world that brings kids and their families together, powered by clever stories and engaging characters. A new network for kids and families, with origi...
212 BLAZE TheBlaze (BLAZE) Glenn Beck\'s TheBlaze is a news, information & entertainment network dedicated to delivering high quality programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exclusive provider of Glenn\'s daily television broadcast, TheBlaze also offers a full s...
9393 3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
196 TRV Travel Channel (TRV) The place to satisfy your urge to experience new things, meet amazing people, and see things you\'ve never seen before. Travel Channel connects subscribers to the world\'s excitement... CATCH IT!
260 TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) TBN features the best in faith and inspirational programs including a variety of denominations. Its program formats include worship, variety, music, children\'s, news, sports, talk and live anointed programs.
139 TBS Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) TBS is home to original comedy series, original late-night series, hot contemporary comedies, special events, blockbuster movies; and hosted movie showcases.
132 TCM Turner Classic Movies (TCM) TCM keeps keep film culture\'s heart pumping with offerings from Citizen Kane to The Graduate and beyond. TCM is the destination for classic movies, many not available anywhere else
138 TNT Turner Network Television (TNT) As the first and only network dedicated to drama, TNT transports viewers from their daily lives onto an emotional and engaging ride filled with riveting stories and unpredictable plots.
105 USA USA Network (USA) USA Network is cable television’s leading provider of original series and feature movies, sports and entertainment events, off-net television shows and blockbuster theatrical films.
271 UNIME UniMas (UNIME) Telefutura is now UniMÁS! In addition to Televisa, the world’s #1 producer of Spanish-language content, UniMÁS has partnered with Latin America’s other blockbuster producers Caracol Television and RTI Colombia to solidify its position as th...
272 UNIMW UniMas West (UNIMW) Telefutura is now UniMÁS! In addition to Televisa, the world’s #1 producer of Spanish-language content, UniMÁS has partnered with Latin America’s other blockbuster producers Caracol Television and RTI Colombia to solidify its position as th...
869 UDEP Univision Deportes (UDEP) Univision Deportes Network delivers live sports and up to the minute news coverage to Hispanic sports fans.Including live coverage of FIFA events from 2012-2014 and programming from Televisa Deportes network. DISH subscribers will also rece...
270 UNVSN Univision Este (UNVSN) The leading Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S. featuring novelas, national and local newscasts, variety shows, children\'s programming; movies, sporting events and public affairs programming. Not available for subscribers in Puerto Ric...
828 UNVSW Univision Oeste (UNVSW) The leading Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S. featuring novelas, national and local newscasts, variety shows, children\'s programming; movies, sporting events and public affairs programming.
188 UP Uplifting Entertainment (UP) UP is America\'s favorite television network for uplifting entertainment, featuring original world premiere movies, reality and dramatic series, music and comedies. UP will uplift and inspire you and your family.
846 V-ME V-ME (V-ME) The first national Spanish-language public interest channel. V-ME is intelligent entertainment for Latino families in the U.S. With the best children\'s programming, history, science, technology, news, film, religion, lifestyle and more, V-ME promises to entertain, empower, inspire and educate.
162 VH1 VH1 (VH1) VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists, pop culture and nostalgia they love.
163 VH1CL VH1 Classic (VH1CL) VH1 Classic celebrates the greatest music of all time, with the best of rock, soul and pop artists from the 60\'s, 70\'s and 80\'s
875 VALU Value TV (VALU) Valu has the best products offered on TV.
218 VERIA Veria Living (VERIA) Veria TV is dedicated solely to living well, naturally. Veria features original, top notch programming, that\'s informative and entertaining.
239 WGN WGN America (WGN) WGN America is a broad scope entertainment network, offering blockbuster movies and entertainment programming, including Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball.
214 WEATH Weather Channel (WEATH) The Weather Channel offers live 24-hour-a-day programming, which provides local forecasts to over 3,000 weather zones with regional and national weather conditions.
128 WE Women\'s Entertainment (WE) WEtv is an American television channel that is marketed towards women. It features some original programming, such as non-fiction talk shows, as well as made-for-TV movies, older feature films, and reruns of TV shows, it also shows art and ...
275 YOUTV YouTV (YOUTV) Great prices on the best new products offered on TV!
392 BEIN beIN Sport (BEIN) Additional beIN Sport programming including La Liga (when available).
873 BEIN2 beIN Sport 2 (BEIN2) beIN SPORT, the International Sports Network, is the multi-platform sports destination that brings to the passionate fan all the live game action, news, and analysis of the top leagues around the planet, as well as exclusive and never available before content. From European and Latin American live s...
243 NUVO nuvoTV (NUVO) nuvoTV - America\'s Nu Voice!A whole NU network for an entirely NU generation.Featuring exciting English-language, Latino-themed reality series, award winning films, ground breaking documentaries and classic television favorites.nuvoTV Live ...
242 TRU truTV (TRU) No actors, no scripts, no second takes.truTV is the home of the most exciting REAL stories told by the fascinating people who lived them.With more real, high-stakes originals, truTV is the destination for viewers who want to experience real...